Who is Country Boy?

Country Boy Catering is owned and operated by Robert C. Mitchell, born and raised in the sugarcane fields of Belle Glade, Florida.  The area is known for being ‘country’, and Robert’s family and friends affectionately came to recognize him as a genuine country boy due to his love of the area.  The name stuck, and he became known as ‘Country Boy’.  He left Belle Glade to attend college in the Grapevine Hills of Tallahassee, Florida, where he graduated and became a proud alumni of Florida A & M University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater.  He moved to the Dreamy Mountains of Southern California in 2003 to expand his opportunities in the arts/entertainment industry, and has landed many acting roles in that time.


How did Country Boy start his journey as a Chef?

Country Boy was raised with his mom’s hearty and succulent home-cooked meals daily.  His family is well known in town, and often hosted gatherings at his family home.  This, coupled with after church service gatherings on Sundays, extended family events, and many of life’s other memorable occasions growing up, made Country Boy strive to better his craft and infuse that country flair into his creations.  This love for the culinary art with a ‘country influence’ continued during his college years.  When he moved to Southern California to pursue his dream as an entertainer, he worked as a small business banker for a major financial institution, while continuing to build a network of event-planning friends and other word-of-mouth referrals.  This was all done while still pursuing his entertainment dream.  He excelled in his banking career, but continued to feel the call from his new network yelling ‘Let Country Boy Cook!, a phrase coined by his family in Belle Glade that became the catchphrase within his new California network.  Eventually, he answered that call and took the leap into making Country Boy Catering a full time entity.  He continues to pursue entertaining, but now strongly feels that Country Boy Catering yields an equally great harvest, as he is able to merge two of his truest passions…entertaining the appetites of his clients through culinary creation!

Where did the name Country Boy Catering originate from?

As he honed his skill, “Let Country Boy Cook!” became the normal thing for folks to yell when requesting that he cook for events.  A friend/client who hosted a recurring event approached him with an opportunity to cater a church event where they needed to feed 200+ attendees.  Country Boy had never cooked for this many people in his life, but accepted the challenge!  He had to come up with a name!  How could you put a name on your passion?  It had to be great, and all-inclusive.  Then it came to him.  Country Boy’s favorite choice on the ‘Roscoe Chicken and Waffles’ menu is called the ‘Country Boy Special.’ That is when it clicked... Country Boy Catering!   The extremely positive feedback from the event was so overwhelming that he could no longer deny his gift.  The rest is history.  A country boy from Belle Glade, Florida, is cooking a delicious Country Boy Catering menu in Southern California!  Look at Country Boy now! 


Country Boy Catering is based out of the Los Angeles area of California.



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